Project: Planet Balderdash
Team: Noel Nuñez | Santiago Diazgranados Berenguer
Responsibilities: Game play layout, Asset assembly, Coding interactions with: user interface, crystals, monsters, obstacles.
Music and responsive terrain developed by Santiago Diazgranados Berenguer
The Story
An astronaut is on a mission to collect rare items from the planet
“Balderdash”, a surreal world filled with dangerous creatures, powerful
crystals, and dynamic landscapes. In a second adventure, the astronaut races
against time and must overcome obstacles to reach his spaceship before it
launches away from the planet.

Level & U.I. Development
Level 1 -Layout & Interaction Development
Level 1 -Layout & Interaction Development
Level 2 -Layout & Interaction Development
Level 2 -Layout & Interaction Development
User Interface Layout & Development
User Interface Layout & Development
Menu Design
Interactions: Level One
1. Users must collect specific items (which triggers a UI count element).
2. Users must also avoid creatures that steal items (which removes
points from the UI count element).

3. In addition, players must stay alive by keeping their health status
positive. Positive points are added by finding health kits, and points
are removed after interacting with dangerous creatures.

Interactions: Level Two
1. The main UI will display a countdown clock, which the player must
beat by reaching a distant spaceship before the clock reaches
“zero”. The consequence of not beating the clock is having the
spaceship leave without the astronaut.
2. Obstacles include:
a) Riddles that must be answered correctly or the player will be
delayed. (or a big chunk of time can be removed from the clock).
Correct answers add more time to the clock).
b) Physical obstacles/ barriers
Let's Play!
(Click on "Continue" to begin the adventure.  Requires WebGL activation to play.)

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